Famous Republican: Obama clueless about border….. “Texas Gov. Rick Perry has seen firsthand the recent surge of illegal immigration and unaccompanied minors crossing America’s southern border, and he says President Obama is clueless about what’s really going on.”


DO YOUR DUTY PERRY!!! Secure your border as you have every right to do. FCK THE FEDS! Let’s see how REAL YOU are…

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Texas Gov. Rick PerryTexas Gov. Rick Perry


Texas Gov. Rick Perry has seen firsthand the recent surge of illegal immigration and unaccompanied minors crossing America’s southern border, and he says President Obama is clueless about what’s really going on.




“To this day the president of the United States has yet to see the facts on the ground at our southern border, even though they area direct consequence of his policies,” Perry declared Friday at the “Defending the American Dream Summit,” sponsored by Americans for Prosperity.Perry detailed what he’s seen and why Obama is to blame: “Young boys and girls, children, thousands of miles away from their parents – they’re vulnerable, they’re afraid, they’re drawn here by rumors of amnesty.

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Reddit documents how often police shoot people’s dogs

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Effort to document instances of police fatally shooting people’s pet dogs

Reddit documents how often police shoot people's dogs

Image Credits: Megan Shimburski

Aaron Sankin | Daily Dot.com

Warning: This story contains disturbing content. 

There are a lot of communities on Reddit where users can complain about cops.

There’s r/Bad_Cop_No_Donut, where people post stories about police abuse.

There’s r/Police_v_Video, which advocates for greater respect for citizens’ rights to shoot video footage of police on the job. And there’s r/copwatch, which, as the name implies, watches cops.

In addition to these subreddits, there is another that tracks an oft-overlooked corner of the growing tide of police militarization recently thrust into the limelight by the heavy-handed police crackdown on protestors in Ferguson. While new stories on the subreddit trickle in at a rate of a few a week, r/puppycide’s efforts to document instances of police fatally shooting people’s pet dogs is positively heartbreaking for any animal…

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A new FBI domestic threat report does not include Islamist terrorism


Why would it? It’s the White Right Wing Constitutionalists they have to worry about!!!

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 According to this story the FBI has just released its domestic threat assessment report for the year 2013, and it states that the domestic threat level for last year was moderate and they expect that to remain the case for the rest of 2014. 

  The report then goes on to list some of the domestic threats, here are some of them:

They include anti-government militia groups and white supremacy extremists, along with “sovereign citizen” nationalists, and anarchists. Other domestic threat groups outlined by the FBI assessment include violent animal rights and environmentalist extremists, black separatists, anti- and pro-abortion activists, and Puerto Rican nationalists.

On black separatists, the report warned that “high-profile racially charged crimes or events” could lead to an expansion of black separatist groups. The report identified three such groups as the New Black Panther Party, the Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ, and the Black Hebrew…

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Jimmy Carter Tells Islamic Conference: “Principles of Allah” Are Key to Peace


Wow….Just wow.

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Hat Tip Gateway Pundit.

He was born ignorant and has been going downhill ever since.

Also Carter fell too many times on his head while working for Habitat for Humanity.

Former President Jimmy Carter told attendees at the Islamic Society of North America that“the principles of Allah” are the key to peace in the Middle East.
Carter spoke to the group on Saturday.

ISIS forces, in the name of Allah, slaughtered 250 half-naked Syrian soldiers this week in a desert ditch.

isis slaughter soldiers

ISIS terrorists believe they are also doing Allah’s will.

The Detroit News reported, via Religion of Peace:

During a speech at the annual convention for the Islamic Society of North America on Saturday, former President Jimmy Carter said peace between Jews and Muslims in the Middle East is a dream he still prays can be achieved.

“You can’t bring peace to the Middle East without justice and human rights…

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Five Civil Questions to Pose to Your Liberal Friends

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This is from Godfather Politics.

The questions will get this response from liberals, you’re a racist, a bigot and just a in general hater.

If I were being totally honest, I would say that it has not been my experience that very many left-leaning folks in this country want to have an honest dialogue on the key issues that separate left from right. This is particularly true amongst the academically credentialed leftists I have encountered who presumably know they have nothing to gain by exposing their worldview or ability to defend it.

However, the vast majority of us know some in our Rolodex of friends and co-workers who are naturally inclined towards a more left-wing (liberal), pro-Democratic Party stance/platform, and yet are willing to engage and discuss the various issues that separate us. This article is intended for your discussions with THESE people, for whom I believe these questions may be useful…

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Barack Hussein Obama … Islamic enemy of America



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I saw a piece the other day about how a former CIA employee points out the fact that Barack Hussein is a “radical Islamic enemy of America.” Now, I don’t buy the “radical” part at all. There’s nothing radical about the true ideals of Islam. Even the word “islam” … submission is a clear indication of what the concept points to. Naturally, most Muslims and apologists ‘clarify’ the meaning to be “submission to the will of God” … or Allah.  The face of Islam is not a pretty one. Islam has been referred to as the “Religion of Peace.” “Submit or die” and the use of murder, torture, rape and intimidation just doesn’t support that reference. We’re witnessing the ideals of Islam first hand right now. We can see Muslims and Christians alike becoming victims of this perverse ideology; Muslims are murdered by the thousands because they’re not “Muslim enough.” Christians and…

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Quote Of The Week

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“…[T]he legal system is, ultimately, an ancient bargain: Renounce your mob violence and blood feuds and we will provide you with justice. It could be argued that such a default as this [Rotherham] calls the whole bargain into question, and justifies self-help along ancient lines.”

Professor Glenn Reynolds

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