The endless supply…

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The common people are the cattle being led to slaughter. We are kept docile with incessant propaganda from the mainstream media; marketing messages to consume from Madison Avenue; filtered, adjusted, manipulated economic data fed to us by government agencies; an endless supply of iGadgets and other electronic distractions; government education designed to keep us ignorant; 24/7 reality TV on six hundred stations to keep us entertained; corporate toxic processed food to keep us obese and tame; and an endless supply of Wall Street supplied debt to keep us caged in our pens with no hope of escape. The butchers of the deep state have maintained control for decades, but we’re entering a new era.

“Either You’re The Butcher… Or The Cattle”


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Florida’s 55 Bloomberg Anti-Second Amendment Mayors

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This is from Ammoland.

Some FYI for the voters in Florida.

Florida - -( If your Mayor is on this list, please take a moment to ask why your elected officials are fighting against your right to bear arms.

As unlikely as it may seem to those of us who pay attention to Second Amendment issues, there may still be some Florida Mayors Against illegal Guns (MAIG) Mayors who have been mislead by lies fed to them by Bloomberg’s anti-gun group.

We have the emails sent to Florida Mayors from MAIG claiming that they support the Second Amendment, we even have emails from known anti-gun Police Chiefs and Sheriffs reassuring some mayors that MAIG is just “helping to target illegal guns, not legal gun owners”.

They may not have noticed that MAIG has opposed every pro-gun and pro-self-defense legislative initiative proposed in Florida and nationally since the group…

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Concealed Carrier Saves Young Woman From Attacker/Rapist in Broad Daylight


He should’ve blown the rapist motherfucker away

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This is from Guns Save Lives.

A good guy with a gun stopped and helped capture a bad guy.

A 21 year old woman in Flint, MI was brutally attacked and possibly sexually assaulted in broad daylight as she walked home from an area store.

The victim was walking home from a store near her home around 2pm when a man forced her into an abandoned home and violently assaulted her.

Fortunately, the girl was able to jump out of a window of the home and scream for help. According to MLive, that’s when several good Samaritans jumped into action,

Several area residents offered the 21-year-old woman clothing and comfort while a man who holds a valid concealed pistols license ordered the suspect out of the house at gunpoint, according to Flint police.

The man took off running but was chased down by the gun-wielding citizen who, with the help of an…

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TEACHABLE MOMENTS: The ‘Public’ Square does not Negate Inalienable Rights


However to the government we have no rights..

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TEACHABLE MOMENTS: The ‘Public’ Square does not Negate Inalienable Rights

If you own a business and you do business with ‘the public,’ this does not negate your Natural Rights, nor does it require you to subordinate those Natural Rights to government control.  Anyone who claims otherwise is an enemy of liberty and seeks to control you — period!

Inalienable‘ means that your rights cannot be taken away or given up: they are an inherent aspect of your being.  So, if I own a business and I do business with the public, I retain my Natural Right to Contract.  The Natural Right to Contract means I willingly enter into an agreement with another person who willingly does the same with me.  It does not mean I can be forced to enter into a contract with you simply because I am doing business with the public.  That would be a…

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34 Million Future Immigration Reform…

Two Thumbs Up For Those Conservative God-Fearing Obstructionists!


Yes yes yes!!!! Defy the godless Commie trash!!

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To any and all liberals who think the demise of America is because the Homo-in-Chief and his band of perverts and racists were “obstructed” from completely “transforming the United States” from a free nation to one run by tyrants … know of a certainty you and the likes of Barack Obama and his ilk will be obstructed every step of the way by patriots who love this nation. We’ll not sit back and let you undermine the Constitution, God and the people who have given their lives to make this nation great.

So, go eat your Burger King homo-burgers  (one liberal phony said he was going to buy a dozen, and I’ll be a month’s pay he didn’t … why? because liberals lie)  and dry those tears.

Here are some young folks who obstructed anti-God liberal freaks and I think it’s one of the best examples of how we’re not going…

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Australia and Illegal Immigration


We Need This

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Australia has begun a program called “Operation Sovereign Borders” to stop illegal immigration:

australia no way

Pretty cut and dried, huh?

Operation Sovereign Borders (OSB) is a military-led border security initiative to stop the boats, prevent people risking their lives at sea in the hands of criminals, and preserve the integrity of Australia’s immigration program.

Asylum seekers who travel by boat without a visa will not end up in Australia. The rules apply to everyone; families, children, unaccompanied children, educated and skilled. There are no exceptions.

Australia is serious about protecting its borders and will stop anyone who attempts to come illegally by boat.

Seeing as how the only way to get to Australia is either by plane or boat, this is a very, very clear message and clear program.

The US could easily do something similar.  Simply explain that if you come illegally, you will be removed – and then…

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