Europe starts getting serious


Via SkynetAs I expected, Europe will be addressing its Third World invasion before the USA dares to do anything about its own: Austria has just made a new law: Muslim imams will no longer be able to conduct their sermons in Arabic, but in German; all Korans will now have to be written completely in…

Report: GOP Elites Plan to Take Down Trump With Deluge of Anti-Trump Ads After Labor Day

This is going to backfire big-time.

Via BillyThe GOP establishment is very concerned with Donald Trump’s enduring appeal with conservative voters. The party elites are reportedly planning a deluge of anti-Trump ads following the Labor Day weekend.More @ The Gateway PunditCNN reported:More @ The Gateway Pundit

GOP Leadership Ignores Immigration Entirely in Town Hall Talking Points

They are done……….
Via MikeRepublican legislators have gotten their messaging instructions from their top leaders: Tout unpopular free-trade measures during the August recess, ignore popular curbs on the migration that saps Americans’ wages.Breitbart News has exclusively obtained an internal August recess messaging instruction set for Republican legislators produced by Sen. John Thune (R-SD) who orchestrates the GOP Senators’ PR pitch. This 20-page messaging instruction manual seems to…

WHITE SHERIFF DEPUTY: Assassinated by Black Thug While Fueling his Patrol Car

This is from Girls Just Wanna Have Guns. Was this the opening shots of a coming race war? Suspect is now in custody and I bet he is all about #BlackLivesMatter. A man “believed to be the alleged gunman” in the killing of a uniformed Houston-area sheriff’s deputy was in custody Saturday morning, Sgt. William […]

7th Circuit Court: Illegal Immigrants Have Second Amendment Rights Too

What!!!!!!?????????????   Via SkynetIn a case regarding a specific gun control law which bans “unauthorized aliens” (illegal immigrants) from possessing firearms in the United States, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit did the work of a contortionist by upholding the law while also pointing out that they “see no principled way to carve out the…

*(GENTLE GIANT IN NASHVILLE)* – Bystanders restrain thief until police arrive (Nashville, TN)

Fuck him. He got off too easy. Should have shot the useless dirtbag in the face. Just think about a present and do it again next time possibly with a gun and he might hurt somebody.

Originally posted on tomfernandez28’s Blog:Charles Darwin 3 hours ago People used to get hung for less crimes than that!  He’s one lucky thief! Reply · 1 pokerfacetodd 1 hour ago Good wins when it tries. Reply · m craig 23 minutes ago He’s only crying because he got caught and probably going back…

#BlackLivesMatter Racists Beat Pedestrians, Bust Out Car Lights In Central West End St. Louis

Why aren’t a munch of people showing up with AK’s and ARs and just blasting these pieces of shit?
Originally posted on The Daley Gator:#BlackLivesMatter Mob Invades Central West End; Busts Out Car Lights; Beats Pedestrians – Gateway Pundit #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Invaded the Central West End restaurant district. Protesters gathered again in North St. Louis on Thursday night after local Mansur Ball-Bey was shot dead by police. Mansur Ball=Bey pointed a stolen gun…

BORN IN THE USA: ‘Birthright Citizenship’ Is Not Conferred by the Constitution

This is from Clash Daily. I remember attending a forum sponsored by the University of Miami Law School. I left there with a better understanding of the Fourteenth Amendment and what it did and did not say. I knew that the children of illegal’s were not American Citizens. I think that many of you are catching on to something that I have […]

Trump Covers ‘Hollywood Reporter:’ 10 Best Excerpts – Poll: Majorities Support Border Wall, Deporting Criminal Illegal Immigrants

Originally posted on Reclaim Our Republic:19 Aug 2015 by Daniel Nussbaum Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump has landed his first magazine cover of this election cycle. Trump sat down with the Hollywood Reporter for a wide-ranging interview that touched on everything from presidential politics (Hillary’s email problems, Megyn Kelly and the debate, Fox News,…