Man has stroke and crashes, cops pepper spray and Tase him

Cops are so fucking stupid and cowardly
Originally posted on Deborah Lee Jarrett:“A Fredericksburg police officer has resigned after attempting to tase and then using his pepper spray on a 34-year-old man who was suffering from a medical emergency during a traffic stop. The Fredericksburg Police Department said Thursday that the incident occurred on May 4, near the intersection of Cowan Boulevard and…

Low Wages and Unemployment are an Existential Crisis for Millions. If Millions Of Young Americans Don’t Start Earning More Money, They Can’t Afford To Have Children, Or Take Care Of Them Properly, And That Is The End Of Us As A Nation.

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US Army accelerating recruitment of young soldiers who are willing to violate the Constitution

They violate their oaths and stand against the American people, they will all pay. Dearly.
MOriginally posted on Christian Patriots:(NaturalNews) In President Obama’s ongoing quest to “fundamentally transform” the country, the U.S. military has not been spared as now it is policy to recruit as many illegal aliens as possible — young men and women who have no emotional ties to America and no fundamental understanding of how our…

If You Think Horizontally, You Are Flat Out WRONG!

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both parties

Your “conservative” leaders just sold you out:

DRUDGE REPORT:  Senate Republicans Give Obama New Powers.  Details Remain ‘Classified’

There is no left or right, the battle is vertical.  Between the powers of good and evil.  God and the devil.  If you are stuck in the left-right paradigm, the system will swallow you whole.  Get a grip on the big picture and quit being distracted by the monkeys and clowns.  Don’t stop to stone the devil’s dog.  Put on the whole armor and pick up that sword! 

It’s only a conspiracy ‘theory’ unless it’s true.  Then it just a plain old conspiracy.  Reject the MSM’s propaganda and start learning what is really going on around you.  You’ll be amazed.  And if you have no foundation of faith, you’ll be frightened.  I read the end of the book and I know who wins.  I cannot lose.  NO FEAR!

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Stonegate in Fla. Confirms Plan to Open Account for Cuban Government [Obama Dupes]

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Stonegate in Fla. Confirms Plan to Open Account for Cuban Government [Obama Dupes]

American Banker ^ | 5/22/15

Posted on 5/22/2015, 2:10:42 PM by SoFloFreeper

Stonegate Bank in Pompano Beach, Fla., has confirmed that it will provide a bank account to the Cuban government…

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First They Came For The Bikers…

Originally posted on Western Rifle Shooters Association:Will Grigg: *** …The bloody incident at Waco’s Twin Peaks restaurant was not a “biker shootout.” At present there is no evidence that any of the nine victims were killed by fellow bikers, rather than being “taken out” by the scores of police — including snipers — who…

79 Members of Congress Have Been in Office for at Least 20 Years


Get them out.

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This is from The Daily Sheeple. 

As long as I have been aware of politics and politicians I have argued for term limits.

As the years passed, I have concluded that the limit for Senators should be eight years and the same for the House of Representiaves.

I also think the term for president should be one six year term.

We need to get The Convention of States up and running and make term limits of some type happen and also we need to repeal the 17 Amendment so Senators will be more accountable to the states.

No wonder Washington never changes – 79 members of Congress have been there since Bill Clinton’s first term in the White House. This list includes names such as Reid, Feinstein, McConnell, McCain, Pelosi, Boehner, Rangel, and Boxer. In this article, I am going to share with you a complete list of the members of Congress that have been “serving” us for at least 20 years. They believe that…

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Ex-OPD officer pleads guilty, gets probation in AR-15 shooting


What would you or I receive as punishment?

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“Fired Orlando Police Department Officer David Johnston received five years probation after pleading guilty Friday to charges of illegally firing 23 shots at a domestic-violence suspect fleeing police in a downtown parking garage.

Circuit Court Judge Wayne Wooten also ordered Johnston to give up his law-enforcement certification, keep his court records unsealed and never work a job that requires a weapon.”

“In two previous attempts to have the charges dropped, defense attorney David Bigney said the two-year OPD officer feared for his life when he encountered a suspect fleeing police by car on Feb. 24, 2014.”

What a freaking moron.

Feared for his life.

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